How To Change Kenmore Water Filter[2024]

Hey folks! Need to switch out the water filter in your Kenmore refrigerator? It’s easier than you might think, and you can do it all by yourself with just a few simple steps. Whether your ice is tasting funky or it’s just time for a routine replacement, changing your refrigerator water filter is key to keeping things fresh. First things first, locate your old filter—usually, you’ll find it inside the fridge or in the base grille. Push the button or pull the tab to remove that old filter and get ready to slide in a new one.

How To Change Kenmore Water Filter? To change a Kenmore water filter, locate the filter compartment in the refrigerator’s base grille or upper right corner. Press the release button, remove the old filter, insert the new one, and push it in until it clicks. Reset the filter indicator light if necessary.

Now, grab your new filter (make sure it matches the part number specific to your model). For a smooth installation, check out a video tutorial on YouTube for step-by-step instructions tailored to Kenmore models. These videos can be super helpful and often include a transcript if you prefer reading to viewing. Just insert the new filter into the slot, lock it in place, and voilà! You’ve just mastered a quick fridge repair. For any further details or specific instructions, visit the Kenmore website or check out your model’s repair guide. And just like that, you’re all set—enjoy the clean, fresh taste of your water and ice!

How to Replace the Water Filter in Your Kenmore Refrigerator: A Step-by-Step Guide

Changing the water filter in your Kenmore refrigerator is an important task to ensure your appliance keeps providing clean, fresh drinking water and ice. Below, you’ll find easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to help you replace your filter properly.

Whether you have a Kenmore Elite, a side-by-side model, or even a Whirlpool, GE, or Amana brand that uses a similar system, this guide has you covered.

Locate the Filter

First, you need to find where your refrigerator’s water filter is located. In many Kenmore models, including the Kenmore Elite, you’ll typically find the filter in the top right corner inside the fridge or in the grille at the bottom front. Look for an indicator light that signals when it’s time for a replacement, which is usually every 6 months.

Prepare for Replacement

Before you start, make sure you have the correct replacement filter. Check your manual or the old filter for specific part numbers, especially since Kenmore refrigerators may also be compatible with certain Whirlpool, LG, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, and Maytag models. Have your new water filter on hand, and make sure it’s the right fit for your appliance.

Removing the Old Filter

To remove the old filter, you might need to twist it counterclockwise or simply push on the button to release it, depending on your model.

Some filters pull straight out, while others may require a slight turn. Handle the old filter carefully to avoid spilling any residual water.

Installing the New Filter

Take your new filter and remove any packaging. Align it with the filter housing in your refrigerator: push it in or twist it into place until it is secure. If your model requires it, rotate the filter clockwise until it locks. Be sure the new filter is fitted snugly to prevent any leaks.

Flush the System

After installation, it’s crucial to flush out the system. Dispense several gallons of water through the new filter to clear out any carbon residue or air trapped in the system. This ensures that the water you drink is clean and clear of any impurities or odd tastes.

Reset the Indicator Light

Once the new filter is in and the system is flushed, don’t forget to reset the water filter indicator light on your refrigerator, if it has one. This usually involves pressing and holding a button for a few seconds. Check your refrigerator’s user manual for specific instructions.

Advantages of Using Water Filter Insider for Changing Your Kenmore Water Filter

Advantages of Using Water Filter Insider for Changing Your Kenmore Water Filter

When it’s time to change the water filter in your Kenmore refrigerator, turning to a service like Water Filter Insider can really streamline the process. Here’s why you might consider using their services for your appliance repair needs:

Quick and Efficient Service

  • Fast Solutions: Water Filter Insider offers quick techniques to replace your water filter, reducing the downtime of your refrigerator.
  • Revolutionary Tips: Discover innovative and efficient methods to manage your water filter replacement, ensuring your appliance runs smoothly without interrupting your daily routine.

Expert Guidance

  • DIY Repair Assistance: They provide easy-to-follow DIY repair tutorials, perfect for anyone looking to handle their water filter replacement themselves.
  • Tool and Part Advice: Get recommendations on the exact tools and parts you’ll need, tailored specifically to your Kenmore model or even for a GE refrigerator.

Comprehensive Educational Resources

  • Appliance Repair Tutorials: Access a range of tutorials that cover everything from the basic steps to more advanced procedures.
  • Key Moments and Chapters: Their videos and guides are structured to highlight key moments and chapters, making it easy to follow along and find exactly what you need.

Up-to-Date Information

  • Latest Part Numbers: They provide information on the most current part numbers and replacements for older parts, ensuring your Kenmore Elite or other model works optimally.
  • Symptom Solver: Identify potential issues through symptoms before they become major problems, based on their comprehensive understanding of appliance behaviors.

Enjoyable Learning Experience

  • Engaging Content: Enjoy videos and tutorials that are not only informative but also engaging, making the learning process enjoyable.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Whether it’s a filter in your Kenmore Elite or any other specific model, Water Filter Insider tailors their content to meet your specific needs.


In conclusion, using Water Filter Insider to guide you through the process of changing your Kenmore water filter not only simplifies the task but also ensures that you are equipped with the latest techniques and information. From providing details on replacing older part numbers to offering insights on the newest models, they help make sure that your appliance is functioning at its best without the need to buy a new refrigerator. This service transforms your approach to appliance maintenance, empowering you with knowledge and tools to effectively manage your water filtration system, enhancing your overall experience. Whether you’re updating an old filter or maintaining a newer model, Water Filter Insider is a valuable resource for keeping your water clean and your refrigerator running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Question(How To Change Kenmore Water Filter)

How to change water filter on Kenmore refrigerator?

To change the water filter on a Kenmore refrigerator, locate the filter cartridge inside the fridge, usually in the upper right corner. Twist the old filter counterclockwise and pull it out. Insert the new filter and twist it clockwise until it locks in place.

Where is the filter located on a Kenmore?

The location of the filter on a Kenmore appliance depends on the specific model. Typically, it’s found either inside the refrigerator compartment, in the grille at the bottom, or behind the kick plate. Check the user manual for precise instructions tailored to your model.

How to replace a Kenmore 46 9081 water filter?

To replace a Kenmore 46 9081 water filter, first, locate the filter housing, usually found in the refrigerator compartment. Twist the old filter counterclockwise to remove it. Insert the new filter and twist it clockwise until it locks into place. Run water through for a few minutes to flush.

How often do you need to replace a Kenmore water filter?

Kenmore water filters typically need replacement every six months to maintain optimal filtration performance and ensure clean, safe drinking water. However, actual replacement frequency may vary depending on water usage and quality in your area.

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