How To Change Puresource 3 Water Filter [2024 updated]

You’re looking to replace the Puresource 3 (WF3CB) water filter in your Frigidaire refrigerator, you’re in the right spot! This simple guide will walk you through the replacement process so you can continue enjoying clean, fresh-tasting water. First off, it’s important to ensure you have the right filter model—WF3CB—which is designed specifically for certain Frigidaire refrigerators. This filter is key for reduction of contaminants like cysts and helps in minimizing odor and bad taste, meeting the Standards 42 for water purity.

How To Change Puresource 3 Water Filter? Change Puresource 3 Water Filter by first locating the filter compartment on your refrigerator, typically in the upper right corner. Push to release the old filter, pull it out, insert the new filter, and push until it clicks into place. Run water through the dispenser for about three minutes to clear the system.

Changing your refrigerator’s water filter is straightforward and doesn’t take much time. You don’t need special tools or a technician to get the job done. If it’s your first time or you feel a bit unsure, checking out a YouTube tutorial can be super helpful. Just type in “replace Frigidaire refrigerator water filter WF3CB” and you’ll find plenty of step-by-step videos. Sometimes, a video transcript can also be available to guide you through the process if you prefer reading to watching.

What’s in Your Water? Changing the Puresource 3 Filter for Purity and Taste

What's in Your Water? Changing the Puresource 3 Filter for Purity and Taste

When you pour yourself a glass of water from your fridge, have you ever wondered about its quality? The cleanliness and taste of your drinking water rely heavily on the effectiveness of your refrigerator’s water filter.

Specifically, if you have a Frigidaire appliance, you might be using a Puresource 3 water filter, also known as the Frigidaire WF3CB. It’s crucial for removing contaminants like mercury and particulates and improving the taste by reducing chlorine and other undesirable elements.

The WF3CB filter is designed specifically for certain Frigidaire refrigerators and is essential for maintaining the quality of both your water and ice. It’s a key component in ensuring that what you drink is not only safe but also pleasant tasting.

This type of filter is part of a system that’s been tested and certified to meet rigorous quality standards, so you can trust it to do its job well.

Replacing your refrigerator filter is not just a suggestion—it’s necessary for continued performance. Frigidaire recommends changing the filter every 6 months to keep everything running smoothly and to ensure your water is as clean as possible.

Over time, filter cartridges can become clogged with particles and contaminants, reducing their effectiveness. This can lead to water that tastes off or isn’t as clean as it should be.

Changing the filter is a simple task. First, locate the old filter within your refrigerator (typically found in the upper right corner). Push to release it and pull it out. Then, take your new filter and slide it in until it clicks into place.

Finally, run water through the dispenser for about 3 minutes to clean the new filter. This process helps remove any carbon residue or particles from the filter, ensuring that your first sip is as fresh as possible.

Using genuine Frigidaire filters, like the WF3CB, is vital. These genuine filters are guaranteed to fit and function correctly with your specific Frigidaire appliance, unlike off-brand filters that might not meet the same standards of purity and safety.

Remember, using certified filters not only ensures better drinking water but also helps maintain the efficiency and longevity of your refrigerator.

So next time you grab a glass of water, remember that the little filter inside your fridge is working hard to make sure it’s clean and tasty.

Keeping up with routine maintenance like replacing your water filter ensures that you’ll always have access to fresh, clean drinking water right from your Frigidaire refrigerator.

Advantages of Using “How To Change Puresource 3 Water Filter” Service

Advantages of Using "How To Change Puresource 3 Water Filter" Service
  • Quick and Easy Install: Learn to change your filter in no time with our straightforward, step-by-step guides. No more fumbling around—just quick, simple instructions that make the install process a breeze.
  • Enhanced Water Quality: By replacing your Frigidaire water filter as recommended, you’ll reduce impurities such as sediment, chlorine, turbidity, and various harmful chemicals like alachlor, atrazine, toxaphene, o-dichlorobenzene, chlorobenzene, and styrene. Enjoy better tasting and smelling water every day.
  • Cost Savings: Cut down on the need for bottled water by ensuring your refrigerator’s water filter is functioning efficiently. This not only saves money but also reduces plastic waste, making it a win-win for both your wallet and the environment.
  • Tested and Certified Techniques: Our methods are tested and certified by NSF standards 53 for the reduction of various contaminants. This gives you peace of mind knowing that the techniques we teach adhere to strict quality and safety standards.
  • Long-Term Appliance Care: Proper maintenance of your water filter helps extend the lifespan of your refrigerator by ensuring it runs more efficiently. Learn how to slide the new filter into the housing correctly to keep your appliance in top condition.
  • Discover New Capabilities: Unlock the full potential of your Puresource 3 water filter. Our insider tips help you get the most out of your filter, enhancing not only the water you drink but also contributing to the optimal performance of your ice and water dispensing features.


In conclusion, mastering the quick techniques provided by our service not only simplifies the process of changing your Puresource water filter but also enhances your everyday life by delivering cleaner, better-tasting water directly from your refrigerator.

By replacing your Frigidaire water filter regularly, you mitigate issues like unpleasant chlorine tastes and ensure your appliance remains in peak condition. Whether you have a Frigidaire PureSource or an Electrolux model, understanding how to efficiently replace your filter can significantly impact your water quality. Remember, a well-maintained water filter means better tasting and healthier drinking water for you and your family. So take the step to revolutionize your insider experience with our reliable and easy-to-follow guidance.

Frequently Asked Question(How To Change Puresource 3 Water Filter)

How do I change the filter on my Puresource 3?

To change the filter on your Puresource 3, locate the filter at the top right corner inside your refrigerator. Push to release the old filter, pull it out, and discard. Slide the new filter in until it clicks. Flush the system by running water through the dispenser.

When should I replace my Puresource 3 water filter?

Replace your Puresource 3 water filter every six months or sooner if the water flow to the dispenser or ice maker significantly decreases, to ensure the best possible water quality and flow rate. Regular replacement also helps prevent clogs and leaks.

How do I change my water filter?

To change your water filter, first locate your filter (commonly under the sink or in the refrigerator). Turn off the water supply. Remove the old filter by twisting or pulling it out, depending on the model. Insert the new filter, and turn the water back on.

How do I change my Purepour filter?

To change your Purepour filter, first, turn off your water supply. Then, twist the old filter counterclockwise to remove it. Insert the new filter into the slot and twist it clockwise until it’s securely in place. Finally, turn the water supply back on and check for leaks.

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