How To Replace Frigidaire Gallery Water Filter [2024]

Hey everyone, looking to switch out the water filter in your Frigidaire Gallery fridge? You’re in the right spot. Replacing your refrigerator’s water filter doesn’t have to be a hassle. If your fridge is the kind that has the filter snug up inside the door or tucked away inside the compartment, I’ve got a simple guide to help you change it without any sweat. It’s one of those things you might need to do every six months to keep your water tasting fresh, but luckily, it’s a quick fix.

How To Replace Frigidaire Gallery Water Filter? To replace a Frigidaire Gallery water filter, locate the filter housing in the refrigerator. Push on the old filter to release it, then pull it out. Insert the new filter and push until it clicks into place. Flush the system by running water through the dispenser.

For a step-by-step visual, just hop onto YouTube and search for a video to walk you through the process. These videos often come with a handy link to a full transcript, so you can follow along at your own pace. Make sure to subscribe to their channel for more helpful tips. If you need more detailed instructions, the video guide will definitely be your best friend. So, grab your tools, open up that fridge door, and let’s get that old filter out and a fresh one in!

Step-by-Step Guide: Replacing the Water Filter in Your Frigidaire Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Step-by-Step Guide: Replacing the Water Filter in Your Frigidaire Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Changing the water filter in your refrigerator is one of those easy DIY tasks that can significantly improve the quality of the water and ice your fridge dispenses. This straightforward guide will walk you through replacing the water filter in your Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator, ensuring you can enjoy fresh, clean water every day.

Locating Your Water Filter

First things first, you need to find where your Frigidaire water filter is located. In most side-by-side Frigidaire models, the filter is typically found in the upper right-hand corner inside the refrigerator or in the grille at the bottom of the fridge.

Make sure to check your specific model’s manual for the exact location—this will save you some guesswork and help avoid any mishaps.

Preparing for Replacement

Before you remove the old water filter, it’s a good idea to gather all the necessary tools and materials. Honestly, you won’t need much—just a new water filter that matches your fridge model.

You can use the filter finder feature on Frigidaire’s website to ensure you purchase the correct filter. Also, have a towel handy to catch any drips when you remove the old filter.

Removing the Old Filter

To remove the old filter, you’ll typically either push on it to release it or turn it counterclockwise. If your filter is located in the grille at the bottom of the fridge, you may need to open the cover to access it.

Once you’ve located and released the filter, pull it out slowly. Be sure to dispose of the old filter properly—some recycling programs accept used refrigerator filters.

Installing the New Filter

Grab your new filter and remove any packaging. Insert it into the slot where you removed the old filter, pushing it in until it clicks into place or turning it clockwise until it is secure.

Make sure it’s locked in properly; otherwise, it might not filter the water correctly, and who wants funky-tasting ice or water?

Flushing the System

Once the new filter is in, it’s important to flush out the system. This means running water through the dispenser for about three to five minutes.

This process helps to clear out any air and carbon fines (tiny black particles) that may be present in the new filter. Just keep a jug or a large bowl under the dispenser to catch the water.


Wrapping up, learning how to replace the filter in your Frigidaire refrigerator is more than just a routine maintenance task; it’s a way to significantly enhance your everyday experience with your appliance. By following these easy-to-follow steps, you can ensure that your water quality is consistently high, free from odours and contaminants that could cause problems down the line. Regularly changing your water filter not only protects your refrigerator from potential damage but also provides you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your water and ice are clean and fresh. So, take a few minutes every six months to check and change your filter—it’s a simple step that keeps your side-by-side or French door refrigerator performing at its best. Plus, with quick techniques like these at your disposal, you’ll discover just how easily you can enhance the insider experience of your stainless steel companion!

How do you change the air filter on a Frigidaire Gallery?

To change the air filter on a Frigidaire Gallery, locate the filter compartment, usually found at the upper right side of the refrigerator. Open the cover, remove the old filter, insert the new one with the correct orientation, and close the compartment.

When should I change my Frigidaire refrigerator water filter?

You should change your Frigidaire refrigerator water filter every six months to ensure clean, fresh-tasting water and ice. This timeframe can vary based on water usage and quality, so if you notice a decrease in water flow or taste, it may be time to replace it sooner.

How do I reset my Frigidaire Gallery water filter light?

To reset the water filter light on your Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator, press and hold the “Water Filter” button on the control panel for about 3 seconds. The light should turn off, indicating the reset is successful and your filter is recognized as new.

How do you remove a Frigidaire pure source water filter?

To remove a Frigidaire PureSource water filter, push in towards the appliance, then release the filter by pulling it straight out. Some models may require twisting the filter a quarter-turn left before pulling it out. Always turn off the water supply before starting.

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