How To Replace Water Filter In Maytag Refrigerator [2024]

Ready to swap out the water filter in your Maytag refrigerator? It’s a simple task that keeps your water tasting great and free of contaminants. No need for any special tools—just a new filter and maybe a quick peek at a YouTube tutorial. Most Maytag fridges use the EveryDrop filter, which is top-notch for ensuring your drinking water is clean.

How To Replace Water Filter In Maytag Refrigerator? Replace the water filter in a Maytag refrigerator by locating the filter compartment in the base grille or upper right interior. Twist the old filter counterclockwise to remove it, then insert the new filter, turning it clockwise until securely in place.

If it’s your first time changing the filter or you just want a little extra help, those YouTube videos are super handy. They usually come with a transcript you can follow at your own pace. In just about 60 seconds, you can remove the old filter and slot in the new one, making sure your fridge continues to serve up the freshest water every month.

How Do You Change the Water Filter on Your Maytag Refrigerator?

How Do You Change the Water Filter on Your Maytag Refrigerator?

Changing the water filter on your Maytag refrigerator is a straightforward task that ensures your water and ice remain clean and tasting great. Whether you own a standard model or a Maytag French door refrigerator, the steps are simple and can greatly improve the quality of your refrigerator’s output.

Identifying Your Filter Location and Type

The first step is to determine where your filter is located and what type of filter you need. Most Maytag refrigerators have the water filter located in one of three places: the upper right-hand corner inside the refrigerator, at the base of the fridge in the grille, or inside the left door for models with a bottom freezer. The type of filter, such as the UKF8001, is typically printed on the filter itself, and you can also find this information in your refrigerator’s owner manual. Always ensure the filter you buy is compatible with your model to avoid any issues.

Purchasing the Right Filter

Once you know your filter type, you can purchase a replacement. Many users choose Every Drop filters (like the Every Drop Filter 4 for UKF8001 models), which are certified to reduce more contaminants and are widely available online or at home appliance stores. Remember to check for compatibility specifically for products like the Maytag French door refrigerator if that’s your model.

Steps to Replace the Water Filter

  • Turn Off the Ice Maker: Before you start, turn off the ice maker to prevent it from cycling while you are changing the filter.
  • Remove the Old Filter: Depending on your refrigerator model, you might need to push, pull, or twist the old filter to remove it. If the filter is in the grille at the bottom, there will often be a button or a cap that needs to be turned. Filters located inside the fridge typically just need a gentle twist or a firm pull. An arrow pointing to the left on the filter cap usually indicates which way to turn it.
  • Install the New Filter: Take the new filter out of its packaging and remove any protective covers from the o-rings. Make sure to align it correctly according to the arrow on the cap or as indicated in your instruction manual, then either push it in until it clicks or twist it to the right until it is secure.
  • Flush the System: After replacing the filter, flush out the system by running water through the dispenser for about 5 minutes, or until the water runs steady and clear. This helps to remove any carbon residue or air bubbles from the system.
  • Reset the Filter Indicator: If your Maytag has a filter indicator light, reset it by following the instructions in your manual—usually by pressing and holding a button until the light turns off or changes color.
  • Turn the Ice Maker Back On: Don’t forget to turn your ice maker back on once everything is done!


Mastering the simple technique to replace your Maytag refrigerator water filter can truly enhance your daily experience with fresher, cleaner water and ice. Remember to replace the water filter every 6 months to maintain optimal performance and taste. This routine maintenance not only ensures your refrigerator functions efficiently but also helps you enjoy the benefits of hydration with confidence. Learning how to replace your filter is a quick and essential skill that every Maytag refrigerator owner should have, turning an often overlooked task into a bottom-line benefit for your home and health.

Frequently Asked Question(How To Replace Water Filter In Maytag Refrigerator)

How do you change a Maytag refrigerator water filter?

To change a Maytag refrigerator water filter, first locate the filter compartment, often found in the upper right corner inside the fridge or at its base. Press the release button or twist to unlock the old filter, then insert the new filter and lock it in place.

How do you get a stuck water filter out of a Maytag refrigerator?

To remove a stuck water filter from a Maytag refrigerator, turn off the water supply, depress the water dispenser lever to relieve pressure, then gently twist the filter counterclockwise. If it remains stuck, use a filter wrench or pliers for extra leverage, being careful not to damage it.

Is there a filter in a Maytag refrigerator?

Yes, Maytag refrigerators typically have one or more filters, including a water filter for the ice maker and water dispenser, and an air filter to keep the fridge interior smelling fresh. The specific number and types of filters can vary depending on the model.

How often should you change the filter in a Maytag refrigerator?

You should replace the water filter in a Maytag refrigerator every six months to ensure the water and ice dispensed are clean and free of contaminants. Regular replacement helps maintain the refrigerator’s performance and the quality of your drinking water.

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